Tuesday 12 December 2006

This is the start of a momentous occasion - the Shackwells becoming Techno up to daters!

It really is a case of a blank canvass and where to start? The beginning is as good as anywhere else, so herewith an immediate family, breakdown structure.

Lord of the manor and Queen of the castle is Caryn. Here she is seen with a trusty companion in a previous locale.

Second in charge is her devoted but somewhat misinterpreted husband, Richard. Attached picture confirms that contrary to popular belief, there is no hardship in being second in charge.

No prizes for noticing the re-occuring theme applicable to the Shackwell household as evidenced by these photos. So let's meet the rest of the clan.

The Grey dog below is Mila the deaf Great Dane(she was born with a hereditary gene causing deafness). The next is Griffin the gay Red Setter. Missing is a picture of the latest miscreant named Riley, who is a black Great Dane puppy, who is also a one dog demolotion derby. (Picture and evidence to be added later)

Well thats all for now folks. Next up date as and when information becomes available or when the minister of home affairs decides to set the record straight.