Sunday 29 July 2007

July's Installment

Yes, we're dressed the same!.. We are still arguing over who got dressed first...

Our little political activist!

Hmm Pretty!!

What can I say, except that if the wind changes you'll stay like that, my girl!

Afternoon cat nap on the couch.

Our little comedian!

Herewith some pictures to update the staus in the Shackwell household - to prove HRS does rule!

Saturday 2 June 2007

The 2 of June - first full day home

Above is the first evening after a full day at home - clearly dad needs to assist.

Now for those of you who are thinking where is the father in all of this, because clearly he must do nothing, you are correct - herewith evidence to prove that the fathers function is to sit in the rocking chair and offer advice and to generally see to the wellbeing of Her Royal Shackwellness (AKA Hannah Rachel Shacklock)

What a day - finally boob milk arrived and little Hannah Rachel was able to puke up all remain gunk from the birthing pocess - see evidence above. HR has started winding up her mother! Who ever said Caryn did not like scrambled egg?

Friday 1 June 2007

In case last night was not sufficient for everyone, herewith a first morning at home picture - was there ever a more beautiful wide awake vision? 2.5 hours total sleep does this to one!

latest update as of 1 June 2007 - Take a look of these pics of HR Shackwell and her beaming Mum!! I can categorically confirm that the lungs are in perfect working order!

Friday 11 May 2007

The next installment May 11 2007

Finally we go through the motions of updating our blog spot - at the behest of the Bishops and others judging by the comments just seen. We have had to refresh our password but persevered.
Updating everything is just part and parcel of the nesting process involved in preparing the way for Hannah Rachel - bets are R1 a shot if you want to challenge the gender!

Herewith some nursery pics specially to satisfy Kym Bishop in some far flung region in the Northwest.

Saturday 13 January 2007

The Next Installment

First off I guess is to say compliments of the New Year to everyone. May 2007 be everything you wished for and a bit more.

Right that's the pleasantries done....

What is needed is an update on the extended family. There were two glaring omissions to page one viz: no picture of the demolition dog named Riley and the addition of the inherited cat. Riley has been discussed but the cat needs introduction. It has made itself right at home and visits for food and attention when needed, otherwise it sleeps or turns its rear end on you and flicks it's tail; very loving. Oh and at night time just before sleep it attacks you with a passion unseen outside of a lion hunt in the Kruger Park. Our thanks go to Kym and Mike for Amoo.

Pictures of these two will follow in due course.