Saturday 17 October 2009

Sunday 8 March 2009

March 2009

Right, so now we are 4! Here are a few photos of Jenna and her big sister. We are tired! So, having said that, this post will be brief!

Saturday 17 January 2009

January 2009

So, it's been a while... Hannah is growing and providing more than enough entertainment (and exasperation) to keep us busy. She has a best friend- Mikaela, who helps keep her entertained (and Mom sane!). They really play well together, and it's great to watch their interaction and funny little games develop.
In the next 2 weeks baby number 2 will be joining us. I can't decide whether I want it to be sooner or later.. Sooner, because I feel like I might expire if I'm pregnant for much longer, and later, because Hannah is only 20 months old and fairly used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. I think the little girl has a reality check coming her way...
Watch this space for photos of our new arrival...

Sunday 10 February 2008


Well, it's february and I am finally updating this post because my husband has failed to maintain what he started! Hannah is now 8 and a half months old and a little treasure! She is very entertaining and has a fabulous selection of funny faces to keep her doting parents amused...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Sunday 29 July 2007

July's Installment

Yes, we're dressed the same!.. We are still arguing over who got dressed first...

Our little political activist!

Hmm Pretty!!

What can I say, except that if the wind changes you'll stay like that, my girl!

Afternoon cat nap on the couch.

Our little comedian!

Herewith some pictures to update the staus in the Shackwell household - to prove HRS does rule!

Saturday 2 June 2007

The 2 of June - first full day home

Above is the first evening after a full day at home - clearly dad needs to assist.

Now for those of you who are thinking where is the father in all of this, because clearly he must do nothing, you are correct - herewith evidence to prove that the fathers function is to sit in the rocking chair and offer advice and to generally see to the wellbeing of Her Royal Shackwellness (AKA Hannah Rachel Shacklock)

What a day - finally boob milk arrived and little Hannah Rachel was able to puke up all remain gunk from the birthing pocess - see evidence above. HR has started winding up her mother! Who ever said Caryn did not like scrambled egg?

Friday 1 June 2007

In case last night was not sufficient for everyone, herewith a first morning at home picture - was there ever a more beautiful wide awake vision? 2.5 hours total sleep does this to one!