Saturday 2 June 2007

The 2 of June - first full day home

Above is the first evening after a full day at home - clearly dad needs to assist.

Now for those of you who are thinking where is the father in all of this, because clearly he must do nothing, you are correct - herewith evidence to prove that the fathers function is to sit in the rocking chair and offer advice and to generally see to the wellbeing of Her Royal Shackwellness (AKA Hannah Rachel Shacklock)

What a day - finally boob milk arrived and little Hannah Rachel was able to puke up all remain gunk from the birthing pocess - see evidence above. HR has started winding up her mother! Who ever said Caryn did not like scrambled egg?


Matthew, David and Leesa said...

I'm not sure who looks more disgusted - Hannah or Caryn...

Pug said...

Never has a puke-bespeckled person looked so beautiful. Maybe I’m just broody, but I think the whole family looks great!